Activity-1 Sensory input strategies

Any successful lesson design regardless of its mode (online or offline) depends on first step of provision of raw info to students. It is extremely important that information should be provided through different sensory channels to reduce cognitive overload for learners. Moreover, there are many ways instructions can be redesigned to reduce extraneous cognitive load. In addition, chunking can reduce intrinsic load for learners. Controlling extraneous and intrinsic load will promote germane load. Thus, the learner will be better equipped to do genitive processing.

Here is really a good PowerPoint about strategies to make sensory input effective.

You may also watch Mayer, R.E presentation given that the Harvard University about his principles of multimedia learning.

Mayer, R.E. (2014). Research Based Principles for Multimedia Learning. Presentation given at Harvard University, 5 May 2014.


What five strategies do you think are the most efficient for input of information in an online learning environment?

Please share your personal experience if you have used any one of the strategies that you see in the reading list.

Is there anything that you will try in your class?  Please suggest any variation of any a strategy that you found in the reading list?

How can the use of technology improve sensory input of information?