Technology Enhanced Unit Design

Connectivist theory explains that www resources provide new prospects of learning and creating knowledge. For instance, back in 2008, there were major power outage issues in country side Pakistan so I bought solar system from China for my parents to deal with this issue. When it reached the country side, we couldn’t find anybody to […]

Good Assessment

Assessment Tools I have used following assessment tools. Summary in blog post Reflective Journal Simulation guided exploration sheet Venn diagram Concept map, Conference Please see my lesson design for details.  Moreover, I have included both formative and summative assessment activities in my lesson design. In addition, criteria for assessment are also outlined. I strongly believe […]

Technology in Classroom

Technology finds its way to school classrooms consciously or subconsciously. Some teachers are making conscious decisions to use technology in classroom to make their teaching more affective by applying different kinds of learning theories. Moreover, education administrators are also pushing for more technology in classroom. So sometime teachers may not be fully aware of potential […]

Re-purposing Assessment

I think most important is to identify the purpose of assessment. There is a variety of tools of assessment available. Choice of tools depends on the purpose of assessment. In process of learning and teaching, there are three important stages i.e before learning, during learning, after learning. Each stage has its own tools for assessment […]

Revised Bloom Taxonomy for Knowledge Miners

I prefer Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy because it uses verbs. The revised taxonomy “reflects a more active form of thinking and is perhaps more accurate.”(Clark ,2015) Addition of knowledge dimension to the revised taxonomy made it more precise and structured for people to follow and apply. The revised taxonomy “not only improved the usability of it […]

Instructional Design for 21st Century

Most of my teaching experience involves working with grade 10-12 students in a BC offshore schools in China.  I have taught Biology and Chemistry to grade 11 and 12 students and Science to grade 10 students since 2004. At present, I teach Chemistry and ICT course to grade 11 and 12 students. My goal of […]